Monday, September 29, 2008


A website was created at the beginning of September for people to write letters of support to Sarah Palin. There does not seem to be any activity on this site after September 3rd. I presume that was the last day anyone was proud enough to actually write a letter of support. The website is called Proud of Palin (POP) and throughout the week I am posting some of my favorite.

Here's another doozy. This one is so laughable that I almost think it's a joke, but then I think of a lot of the republicans I know and sadly realize the following letter is probably real:

Gov. Palin,

You've got more executive experience than Obama, Biden, or heck even McCain! You faced down the Soviet threat while Governor of the great state of Alaska, which is something no other governor of any state would claim to have done. You single-handedly cleaned out the corruption of your state and made drilling for oil a possibility again.

Now you're going to be a grandma! I am so happy for you and how you raised your children to do the right thing.Do not listen to the angry left. Face them down like you faced down the Russian missles and migs that you are sworn to protect Alaska from. You will be our next VEEP and our next POTUS after that!

Sally, Iowa
For previous POP letters simply click the PROUD OF PALIN label below

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