Sunday, September 28, 2008

So Duh POP I

Ok, so there’s this blog(?) I found called PROUD OF PALIN, which is basically a site that people can write letters of support for Palin. It appears that the site just had a one day run from what I can tell (back when there were people that were actually proud of her, I guess). But the letters are hilarious! So throughout the week I am going to post my favorite POP (Proud of Palin) letters. I will call them So Duh POP. Here is the first, posted without comment (but plenty of laughter):

Governor Sarah Palin,

I became aware of you when your name surfaced in a short list of those considered for John McCain's VP nomination in March. Since then I held out hope that you would be the one picked; as a 'C'onservative first and a small 'r' Republican, I was lethargic in support of Senator McCain. There's a lot of ill feelings held by Conservatives toward Senator McCain, and we Conservatives felt left out of this party...again. All of that changed last week, when you were given the nod. You've singlehandedly energized the Conservative base; those of us who were actually considering a protest vote for Bob Barr or writing in Minnie Mouse or whoever as a protest vote.

So, you have to ride this one out. You represent the future of the party. Please, please stick with us; you're our only HOPE!

Serr, Smyrna, Tennessee


Anonymous said...

she's their "only hope"! help us

GingerSnaps said...

hahahaha! OMG, you found Serr8d, the pride of Smyrna, Tennessee! Of all the...

Small world. I can't believe it.

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