Monday, September 22, 2008

Rachael Ray and John McCain talk girls...I mean grills

Today on the hour long John McCain infomercial via Rachael Ray, Cindy McCain said that she reserved judgment of Sarah Palin until she watched the Palins interact with their kids. And she said that she was extremely impressed. I would just like Cindy to remember what she said in the next couple weeks. Just sayin'!

Also, am I the only one who thought the whole "how many grills" discussion, if you were not paying close attention, sounded like this:

McCain: "We will have a girl, and at Camp David we will have a girl"

Rachael Ray: "I've heard that you can handle as many as five girls at one time"

McCain: "Actually, I think I've had four at one time"

RR: "Oh that's so humble"

McCain: "I can certainly handle more than one girl"

Cindy certainly knows that's true.

Oh, and did anyone else know Sarah Palin had a special needs child? Yeah, McCain just went on and on about special needs on the show. That guy, he's so compassionate. Like Bush, except older.
Oh, and the McCains go to Costco! I mean they're just like you and me. Gosh. I mean except they have seven homes and 13 cars, but other than that, they are just like us!
Thanks Rachael for showing us how real and compassionate John McCain is!

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