Monday, September 22, 2008

Bill Clinton endorses McCain on The View

Bill Clinton just practically endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin on The View.

I know this is not popular among my Democratic brothers and sisters but I really can't stand Bill Clinton.

My dislike of him is what we call being consistent in one's own values.

I have said for some time I am no fan of Bill Clinton and I have been consistent. That is why I can't stand phony Christianists that pledge allegiance to anyone in the Republican party as long as they are x (insert any single hot-button issue). It allows, as we have seen with Bush, the candidates or elected officials get away with anything as long as they maintain they are x.
And the candidates know they can get away with anything with certain groups as long as they they toe the line on that single issue. It is dangerous and it is wrong. Single issue voting is wrong and a case can be made that it is immoral.

But anyway, why didn't Bill just wear a McCain / Palin t-shirt on The View? I have never heard such a clear, yet indirect, endorsement of a ticket in all my life. Clinton makes my skin crawl.

When I lived in DC I used to go to the same church as the Clintons. I remember a particular Sunday which happened to be the day after the Paula Jones' deposition and the day before the Monica Lewinsky story broke. Clinton, who was always composed, was squirming in the pew the entire hour. I went home that afternoon and said to my roommate "The president was acting totally weird today at church. Something big is about to happen. I don't know what, but it's something."

It turned out he was squirming for a reason and I was right. No, I don't believe the witch hunt against Clinton was justified. But he did lie to me and to every other American. He lost my trust. I felt a lot like Nora Ephron did in this essay.

The headlines tomorrow should all read "Bill Clinton endorses McCain / Palin". I assure you the New York Post already has something in mind. In fact, the endorsement wil probably be a new McCain ad.

If McCain wins Bill can solidify his legacy of blowing it, pun intended, for the Democrats.

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