Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Rising

As September comes to a close I wanted to thank everyone who made this month such a success. First and foremost, YOU. You coming by each day and reading. This month saw a 2629% increase in readership from last month! That is amazing and I am truly grateful.

I would also like to thank Sarah Palin. Without her willingness to step on the national stage, this blog would not be where it is today. Thanks Sarah! And I look forward to an equally entertaining month from you in October.

I learned a lot this month. For instance, based on the search strings that bring people to this site, I learned that there are a lot of people that want to know how many zeros are in 700 billion (For the record, it’s 11 but 12 if you count Bush. HAHA! That never gets old). I also learned that many of you read while you are supposed to be working. Another thing I learned is that my love of baking takes a back seat to my love of politics during an election season. One surprising thing I learned is that my mother considers the facts I write about the Republican party and religious right to be a slap in her face.
But the most important thing I learned is that there are a ton of people out there like me who freak out when Andrew Sullivan disappears.

What a month for the ‘mo’s, huh? From the publicized Ray Boltz and Clay Aiken coming out(s) to the outing of McCain’s chief of staff, Mark Buse, it has been a month of closet doors swinging open. And I, for one, love it!

Oh and I had a birthday! Woo hoo! Though I did not get many gifts (including none from my husband) it was a good day. I did get taken to lunch by one of my dearest friends and I did get cruised at that lunch by a gorgeous guy.

I went to the cast and crew party for Ghost Town earlier this month. That was a blast and I highly recommend the movie. My friend, Michael, is in the movie. Oh, hold on, I dropped something. BRB

Ok. Sorry. It was just a name. And if you click on that name you will see a wiki article in which I am featured (it's at the bottom) . Yeah, I’m that cool.

My goals for October? To get the readership up even more and get more people commenting. Maybe Andrew Sullivan will decide to disappear again. That gets the comments up. And I love comments!

Anywho, thanks again! I look forward to a great October. Feel free to write me if you wish. I love mail. My email addy is jon-marc AT live dot com.

Jon-Marc McDonald

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