Sunday, September 21, 2008

700 billion bailout to rescue Wall Street: Bush cements his legacy of failure

First off I should repeat my joke from yesterday, since I am determined that it make it on Letterman by the end of this week.
Q:How many zeros are in 700 billion?
A: 12, if you count Bush!
(David Letterman et al. can use the joke as long as they say attribute it to Jon-Marc McDonald. I'm a riot!)

Now I know that a 700 billion dollar bailout is the kind of story that causes a great many Americans to shrug their shoulders. Though the number is staggering, the story does not have real world application that they can relate to like, oh I don't know, selling a plane on eBay or telling the big boys in Washington thanks but no thanks.

But unlike the eBay and "bridge to nowhere" stories, the proposed 700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street is actually true. And its consequences will be felt from Washington to Wasilla. Though the bailout might not warm the cockles of ones heart the way a former POW and a hockey mom do, people better start paying attention to what the bailout means not only to them, but future generations as well.

Let's get down to brass tacks for a moment. The bailout that the president has proposed is at a cost of $2,333.00 for each and every man, woman and child in this country. That's the price tag for which even babies born yesterday will be responsible! And, to make matters worse, it's nothing more than a glorified version of rearranging the deck chairs while the Titanic that is Wall Street sinks.

That's right. Two thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars. 2333 . That is how much this bailout will cost each American alive today. Let that sink in!

Got that? A man who cut taxes during wartime, wanted to privatize social-security (by turning it over to Wall Street, I might add), and spent more time on the Terri Shiavo dramedy than he has speaking to the American people about this impending crisis now wants everyone of us to pony up 2,333 dollars to clean up his deregulated mess.

Let lesser individuals fiddle with the Neverland fantasy that is Sarah Palin. Let them hitch their wagon to the falling star of space debris that is the McCain/Palin ticket. It is time for those of us who love this country to take a stand, fight like hell and make sure that Barack Obama is the next president of the United States.

What can we all do? A lot! And we all better start doing so quickly!

First, make sure you are registered to vote. Then, make sure all your like-minded friends are registered. Then go quickly (today kind of quickly) to the Obama website and find the campaign office nearest you and pick up a sign and bumper stickers. If there is not one near you, make your own signs. Plant them in your yard, slap them on your cars (I don't care if you think bumper stickers are tacky), put them everywhere.

After that, begin the hard work. Talk to everyone you know and explain to them why Obama is the right choice. Study where he stands on the issues, what his plans are and how he intends to fix our broken country.

Also explain to them why McCain is the wrong choice. Explain to them why the reckless pick of Sans-a-Blink Sarah automatically disqualifies McCain for the office he seeks. Study where he stands on the issues (which you might have to do on a daily basis as he tends to change his mind...or forgets where he stands...on the issues as frequently as he soaks his dentures).

And finally, above all else, don't lose hope. We all have witnessed the smears McCain has thrown at Obama and we have seen those smears tilt the polls. But we have also witnessed Obama weather each and every temporary drop with nerves of steel. Borrow a lesson from his playbook. Keep your eyes on the prize and don't give up. Stay focused.

We're almost there. This "long, national nightmare" is almost over. Fight for this harder than you have fought for anything in your entire life. The stakes are too high to be a passive observer!


Anonymous said...

I think that 2,300 is more like 23,000. In fact, for every american over 18, it's about $32,258.00

Anonymous said...

Actually, no to the above comment. Where are you getting your figures?

700 billion / 300 million (roughly the pop. of the US)= 2333.00

2008 Census stats put those 18 or older at a total of 227 million making the burden on just those individuals 3083.00

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