Thursday, September 4, 2008

The only president he ever endorsed...

Let's keep in mind something. James Dobson, who would now "pull the lever" for McCain/Palin endorsed one man for president in his lifetime. That man is George W. Bush.

Dobson is the leader of the now "energized" base. You know the last time they were "energized"? Yep! It was when the shrub was their nominee.

Given Dobson's (and his followers) track record, it's safe to say this country best not take his advice again.

The saddest thing is, though, the voters have been fooled once before into voting for Bush (the first time doesn't count. He was not voted into office in 2000. He was ruled into office by activist judges) and the republicans are really, really good at fear and lies to win.

We'll see if it works this time

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