Monday, October 26, 2009

Hook. Line. And Simmer

So for those of you privileged enough to watch my latest videos, you know that in the first part I give a mea culpa of sorts to food stylist, Victoria Granof. The apology came as a result of her contacting me over a year after I made a video that referenced a Bon Appetit magazine cover that she styled.

In the video I said something to effect that the styling and the cover looked as though it belonged on the menu board (not bar, but I suppose I should enunciate on my, uh, video cooking show) at Sparro's.

Anyway, Victoria and I exchanged emails, I told her I enjoyed many of her covers and that I would issue an apology. She was more than gracious and said that she would post both videos on her blog, that any publicity was good publicity and we left it at that.

Well shortly after I released my video(s) I sent Victoria an email stating that my "mea culpa" was up and thought nothing of it...

That was until I went to her blog,, and noticed I had been duped by the food stylist extraordinaire (after all, she did style the cover that won this year's "Most Delicious Magazine Cover" by the American Society of Magazine Editors)

Not only did she not put up my apology video, she put up my original video and wrote that I said "nasty things about [her] on [my] cooking show".

Additionally, one of Victoria's readers, Martha, goes even further by writing
I think I need to say nasty things to you for making me watch that video. Euw! I was expecting it to turn to porn any minute.
So what's the lesson to be learned in all of this, boys and girls? Well, either don't say "nasty" things about a food stylist or if you do and that food stylist contacts you, proceed with caution lest the food stylist traps you like a big hot sticky mess of lasagna on a paper plate at Sbarro's.

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