Sunday, July 12, 2009

Angels Abound

In a few days I will have some exciting news to announce. Stay tuned for an incredible announcement about an incredible angel.

But in the mean time, see that "badge" just to the right of this post? If you click on it, it takes you to a donation page for the 16th Annual Race to Deliver, of which I am participating in honor of Ric. It helps an organization called "God's Love We Deliver" (GLWD), which delivers healthy, nutritious meals to those who have life threatening illnesses who cannot prepare meals or afford meals on their own. Ric is one such individual who receives food from this wonderful place of love. No one, I repeat, NO ONE, has ever been turned away.

I know times are tight for many people right now but I would be grateful and honored if you could donate whatever you can to such a wonderful cause and help me reach my goal of raising $2500.00 for GLWD. The reason I chose $2500.00 is because $2500.00 feeds one home-bound, seriously ill person for six months. Remember, just click on the badge to the right that says "Race to Deliver".

Watch the video below to learn more about God's Love and then donate if you can:

And stay tuned for the big announcement coming within days (or maybe like a week or so)

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