Friday, November 14, 2008

Family News in Focus: Where truth goes to die

I have listened to Focus on the Family's (FOTF) Family News In Focus (FNIF) for most of my life. As a child my mother would have the radio on a "Christian" station at all times and FNIF was continually broadcast.

As an adult, I have payed close attention to both FNIF AND FOTF due to the bizarre influence James Dobson has on many in my family (and millions of others families).

But over the past few months FNIF and FOTF have become more unhinged than usual. Sure, they have always been peddlers of half-truths but over the past few months they have taken to outright, unabashed lying. Almost everything they air (which consist of at least a 40% daily helping of "focus" on the "gay agenda") is so blatently false and so verifiably refutable I am genuinely concerned with what's going on.

Therefore I have decided to start a somewhat regular series on Screaming devoted to exposing FOTF in general and FNIF in particular. Look for it soon.

What should I call the series? I'm thinking "Focus on the Faggot" or "Family News that Fucsus"
What say you, bloggers? And ideas?

Ps, all comments are moderated so if you don't see it right away, don't fret. It will be there soon enough (though I reserve the right to discard all comments I deem worthless).


Anonymous said...

I like either of the ones that you posted

Anonymous said...

Focus on Your Own Damn Family.

That's not mine. I read it somewhere and I liked it. But it works

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