Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where's Andrew Sullivan? It's beginning to all come together

Let's look at Andy's last two post:

The most recent is a YouTube video from Desperate Housewives. If you have not heard the Palin/DH/Brie comparison, I suggest you look it up.

The second most recent post:

""Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen" - Ludwig Wittgenstein
As a commenter pointed out, this translates to:
What one can not speak, thereof one must be silent".

You can see all my posts about Andrew's whereabouts by going to the main page of this blog here.

Something is stirring for sure. Stay tuned

Where is Andrew Sullivan? Wherever he is, he's certainly creating buzz


Anonymous said...

This is some of the most reckless speculation I've seen in a while. If you've truly been reading Andrew since day one, you'd know that he's not the type to bide his time in silence, waiting to pounce. He doesn't play coy. He is, after all, a blogger with an insane rate of productivity. If he had any sort of inside scoop, he would be loudly proclaiming it in a flurry of blog posts (for example, see the 48 hours post-Palin pick).

I admit that there is something going on, but I'd likely say it's personal in nature and probably some sort of mental health break (perhaps Aaron realize Sully was getting out of control and forced him to take a break for a day or two).

While the most recent two posts are a bit perplexing, my guess is he's just playing with the rank speculation going on at blogs like this one. He's likely laughing at people like you parsing everything he puts up on his blog.

Anonymous said...

On the "Desperate Housewives" clip: It's of a child being forced to apologize.

Anonymous said...

Brie, on whom this DH clip centers, also tried to cover up her daughter's pregnancy. That's the relevance of the clip with regards to Palin

Frank said...

He's writing a book about Palin?

Anonymous said...

I notice that a lot of right leaning blogs are speculating that Andrew has been taken to the woodshed by his editors and that he is refusing to post to his blog as a reprisal. Although plausible, I find this extremely hard to believe. Andrew could take his readership anywhere; there were with him before The Atlantic and will certainly be there if he leaves.

And if The Atlantic editors did tell him to stop posting about Palin, then I would imagine he would either (1) immediately return to being an independent blogger (he has said in the past that he owns the andresullivan.com URL and would never give up its ownership) or (2) simply continue posting on other aspects of the race.

It's wishful thinking to believe that Andrew can be silenced involuntarily. I conclude that he is up to something interesting. Either way, I sure hope we find out sooner rather than later.

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