Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rangel calls Palin disabled

In an interview on Friday, September 19th, Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-Harlem) said "You got to be kind to the disabled" when asked what he thought of Sarah Palin. His comments are outrageous and cannot be defended. Disabled people the world over should be insulted that Rangel would attempt to compare them to such a slimebag like Palin. It would be like someone calling Bushie gay. That would be a grave insult to the entire gay community.

Rangel, who is currently embroiled in controversy over his failure to report income taxes on a beachfront property, should shut the hell up.

Calling her: a pathalogical liar, idiot, unfit, in over her head, Bush in a dress, neophyte . Those are fine because they are all true but disabled is unfair. Let the republicans throw around words like "retarded" and "disabled" as insults. They are best at it. It's part of their culture to look down on those that are different.

And republicans are probably going to try and get mileage out of this the next few days. Here's the problem, though. It's the kind of problem the boy had when he cried wolf.

The twisted republicans used their outrage quotient up by feigning outrage -- shock, utter shock -- over the whole lipstick / pig controversy. And while they were using up that outrage they were spreading absolute, 100%, no shred of of truth, blatent lies about Obama.

So now they are going to try and run with this "disabled" comment and it won't work. It especially won't work since the economy may be headed for a "complete meltdown" within the next few days. People are going to see through the republican's attempts to change the subject and it's going to look rather cynical if they feign outrage...yet again... over Rangel.

That's the problem with crying wolf. When you skid your skivvies over things that don't matter, the time comes when they actually do and your skivvies are already stained. And, at that point, there's no one left to wipe your ass.

And, like I said earlier, given Palin's soon-to-be implosion, calling her disabled is an insult to the disabled. Not the other way around

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