Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain's attempt to smear Andrew Sullivan will backfire. Big time!

This may be the most facinating development in the entire Sarah Palin / Trig Palin saga.

Today Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post wrote an article in which he included e-mails that Andrew Sullivan had sent to the McCain campaign. The two emails read:

"I'm very sorry to say, it's come to this: can you confirm on the record that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin's biological son? . . . Since this is a crazy idea, it should be easy for you or someone to let me know, the most popular one-man political blog site in the world, what the truth is."

"I asked a simple question akin to asking whether you can confirm that the sky is blue. Here's the question in case it got lost: can you confirm on the record that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin's biological son? Can I please get a response of some sort, even if it is that you will not respond?"
So how did the McCain campaign respond? By passing Andrew’s inquiries on to Kurtz to publish. They did not respond to Andrew, did not supply any evidence as to the birth of Trig. They simply attempted to smear the messenger and ridicule his legitimate questions.

Anyone, ANYONE that does not now believe that McCain campaign is the sleaziest in modern history is either asleep or dead . And the attempts to humiliate Andrew are nothing more than further evidence that the campaign has become a bunch of unhinged henchmen ready to destroy anything that gets in their way.

Something is brewing, I assure you. And the McCain campaign is in pure panic mode. Whatever delusions they once fostered have been replaced by overwhelming, toxic fear. Fear, the basest of human emotions, causes humans to react in the basest of ways.

When historians reflect on the exact moment the campaign slipped beyond the reach, overwhelmingly they will conclude that the campaign’s utter contempt for, and disregard of, a free and unbridled press was the decisive point of no return.

Responding to cries of more transparency with increased opacity only leads to two things: The first is heightened suspicion and the second is a steely resolve to affirm that suspicion with evidence.

If this is the game the McCain campaign wants to play, that is certainly their prerogative. But it is a game they will most certainly lose.

Therefore, I will include a post from last week since none of my questions from that post have been answered:

As many have said before, the reason Sarah Palin is so important, and the reason that there is such a focus on her, is because she shows how reckless John McCain’s judgment is and her lies, as we are discovering each day, prove that she was not vetted AT ALL.

Andrew Sullivan has done a wonderful job at disseminating all the facts on Sarah Palin.

But there are more questions that need to be answered. Let’s start with these:

** Bristol Palin, the 17 year old unmarried pregnant daughter of Sarah and Todd, was out of school for a significant amount of time last year (anywhere from 5-8 months) with “mono”. The maximum a child is normally out of school for such a thing as mono is less than three months. Did she have a rare strain? Was she, as one would assume, quarantined so as to not infect others? If so, could someone find out the dates she was out of school? Surely, with such an infectious disease, she would not be having sex while infected? She has been pregnant for, what, five months according to Sarah Palin?

** When Sarah Palin realized she was going into labor, why did she go ahead and make a speech at a governors’ conference in Texas? She says she was leaking amniotic fluid? Who is her doctor and why did they tell her it was ok to make an eight hour trip back to Alaska, on a PLANE? Did Sarah tell any of the flight attendants she was in labor? Did the pilot know? The governor of Alaska was five weeks premature with a special needs child and yet all the powers that be told her it was A-OK for her to travel? On a plane? Leaking amniotic fluid? Why wouldn’t they, for the sake of the baby, do what is in the best interest of the child and deliver in Texas so as not to risk more harm to little Trig? Todd Palin said they wanted the baby to be born in Alaska because “You can’t have a fish picker in Texas?” First of all, what does that even mean? And secondly, they were willing to risk further harm to the baby just so he could have Alaska as his place of birth?

** When she arrived back in Alaska, why weren’t there medical personnel waiting there to whisk away the governor? Why did she drive an additional 45 minutes to get to the hospital when there were others closer?

** Where are Trig Palin’s birth records? This is a legitimate question. After all, Trig had his own webpage on the governor’s state-run website. Where are Sarah Palin’s medical records? Mat-Su, the hospital where Palin gave birth, does not even list the birth of Trig the day the Palins claim. They don’t list the birth at all. Why is this?

** Sarah Palin returned back to work just three days after giving birth to her 5th child. Did her doctor, the one that is apparently MIA, allow this too? Or did Sarah go against her doctor’s wishes? I admit, I am no Sarah Palin. I’m a sissy-boy faggot that can barely move after a week with a slight cold. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, can shoot 437,000 caribou before dusk. But it seems to me that just 72 hours after giving birth to a child with special needs and she returned to work? Am I the only one that finds this not only remarkable, but also hard to believe?

I am sure there are very obvious answers to all these easy questions. Could people just give them to me? In the comments please list the answers if you have them. List the source as well.
Psst. Snopes does not count as a “source”

Also, if there are more questions that I have not listed, list them in the comments.

Oh, and I am fully prepared for the comments calling me crazy, unhinged, reckless. Say what you will. I don’t give a shit. I just want the answers. We deserve the answers. And one way or another, the answers will come out.


Chris said...

Did you notice that Sullivan finally explained his mysterious absence as well. He wrote "I have gone to enormous lengths never to say that, going silent for two days to figure it out and decided to leave it alone."

Relevant post here

rachel said...

Thank you so much for this!! I agree with you, the truth will come out. Everyone keeps telling me to drop this issue but I am absolutely fixated because it would be such an easy thing to prove! I had a baby in February and could instantly pull out streams of paperwork from the delivery, not to mention all the testing during the pregnancy. WTF is going on? How has the media let this drop? And how can Palin skirt around the issue that either this is another in her string of lies, or that she was unimaginably reckless with a special needs baby? It's driving me crazy that the doctor and nurses who delivered won't speak out about this. Will the people who were at the birth or around during the days leading up to it PLEASE STAND UP????

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