Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look at my shiny new toys!

A little house-keeping, if you don’t mind: Have a looksie there to the right. See it? It’s a bunch of fancy-shmancy new buttons! And those buttons allow you to subscribe to this blog and become a follower of this blog. Lucky you! Now every time I post you can get an update via email. And becoming a follower of me, besides just being damn cool that you are a follower of me, allows you to get a picture or something over there in that column(see? I'm my first follower). Really, today is a good day for you! I’m glad I could bring you some joy today. You don’t have to thank me. Instead just keep coming back.

Unless you want to get me a new computer. I really need one. I am using my husband’s and money is tight (we had to recently send $2,333 to the federal government so they could make sure Wally Wallstreet could stay in his brownstone on the Upper West Side. We're that swell!) so unless you, kind reader, can send me a computer I am stuck using the Mrs.

Anywho, catch you later. Stay tuned for my post about Dove Ice Cream, Sarah Palin (what am I gonna do if she ever leaves?) and fashion shows

1 comment:

Blogzie said...

Oh, it's all way too much fun.

How is Ric?

How are you?

Miss you...

Love you...


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