Thursday, September 25, 2008

John McCain and All My Children

Gay men the world over are known for their drama, among other things. We coined the term “drama queen” and most of us can, without much effort, fill those stilettos. However, having watched John McCain over the past few weeks, I’m afraid the gays may be losing the “drama queen” turf war.

Who knew that a crusty, old gigolo could claim the DQ mantle almost seamlessly? In fact he puts most of the gays I know to shame. With his VP pick, his hissy-fit over “unfair press” and, now, with his suspension of his campaign, he is taking unnecessary drama to new heights. The only thing that would make all this drama complete is if McCain were caught spiking the drinks of his press pool with GHB.

It has become sort of cliché for a gay man to say of another gay man “So and so is so gay, when he opens his mouth a purse falls out”

I’d like to amend that and say that when John McCain opens his mouth an episode of All My Children falls out.

John McCain is now the Susan Lucci of politics...all drama with very few wins to show for it. In fact, from here on out I will refer to him as Joanna McKane, Erica Kane's alter ego.

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GingerSnaps said...

That is hilarious! I shared it on my Google Reader. :)

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