Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"There is no beautifier of complexion or form of behavior like the wish to scatter joy, and not pain, around us."

I decided to title this post with a quote from Emerson. Last night, on the occasion of Ric’s 50th birthday, we “[scattered] joy”! Since this is the first significant post on my new blog I thought it would be nice to start on an upbeat note. Don’t get used to it though, because future posts are not going to be upbeat at all.

For my husband’s big day I decided to surprise him by taking him to his favorite restaurant and then to see Hairspray. My friend Michael (a Broadway, television and movie actor) arranged for one of his friends in the show to give us a backstage tour after the show.

All the pictures are pretty self explanatory except the first. I cut out the bottom of a hairspray bottle, put the tickets inside and put the bottle in a Duane-Reade bag.

The night was incredible.


nancy =) said...

i was elated to see you over at blogzie's place, so i came right over here to tell you so...i am so glad you're not let me go check out your new blog...


~ n

alan said...

Tears of happiness to find you among us again...


alan said...

To read all the names on that dressing room!

There used to be a club in New York called "The Famous Door" where all the musicians signed the door that way (this was in the "Swing Era"). I can only imagine what that door would be worth now if someone could find it!

Quite an awesome birthday present!


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